Saturday, December 1, 2007

Seamless Mouse and Keyboard Switching on Windows and Linux

This is by far one of the handiest utilities I've seen for a computer in many years.

It's called Synergy. And what it does is this: Let's say you have two computers a laptop and a deskop. Your laptop is on the left desktop on the right. When you start up Synergy you can move your mouse to the left side of your desktop screen and it shows up on the right side of the laptop screen. You can also use your keyboard input and you can do this with several computers. What it means is you can use one keyboard an mouse to seamlessly control several computers.

It works on both Linux and Windows and is interoperable so you could have 2 windows, 2 linux or a windows and a linux or any combination of up to 5 computers (center, top, bottom, left and right). It's very easy to set up, I've been using it frequently for the last couple of days and it seems to work beautifully.

You can get this baby at

Bye bye desk full of keyboards and mice, Yeah!!!

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