Sunday, November 25, 2007

Legal MP3 Downloads, Somebody finally got it

In case you haven't heard. Amazon has MP3 downloads. DRM free, no download client required, just purchase the music and download it with your browser. It's not about paying for the music really. You can try the file sharing networks, but it can be hard to find the song you want and quality tends to vary, not to mention, if you get popped by the Metalicops. It could get ugly. If I figure my time is worth $60 an hour it only has to save me a minute of time to be worth the download charge. I really think Amazon has got it right, large selection, and I'm not locked to a single computer or device, I get decent quality MP3's fast download.
It will be interesting to see if the service flies with the recording companies. There is a note on the site about this being Beta. I wonder if there's some kind of digital signature in the MP3's so they can see how many of their purchased files wind up on P2P networks. In the mean time, I'm downloading like a madman and filling out my library. Enjoy.

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