Saturday, December 1, 2007

World of Warcraft on Ubuntu Gutsy w/ Teamspeak (and Music)

So I've gone upgrade crazy. I've got the Latest Ubuntu Gutsy Gabon (7.10) installed. And I got all my doo-dads working as well.

First off, I found the most useful walk-throughs on answers by prefacing my searches with "Ubuntu"

For example "ubuntu warcraft install howto" on google did wonders. Lots of good advice, etc.

In a nutshell the procedure is

1. Install wine on Ubuntu
2. Get the WOW download or copy the contents of all 4 install CD's into a single directory.
3. enter "wine Installer.exe"

There are many other details depending on your video card, etc. but probably the most useful notes are as follows:

1. Wine will try to "own" the audio device. So only one program at a time when running under wine will have audio. The solution to this is to use either aoss or arts on Ubuntu.

With aoss you do something like:

aoss wine wow.exe
aoss TeamSpeak # the linux binary

I found aoss to be not so good and had static when using TeamSpeak.

I personally use arts. You start up artsd first (the daemon) as follows:

artsd -d

The -d puts it in full duplex mode so you can use your mic.

Then start your applications like aoss, i.e.

artsdsp wine wow.exe
artsdsp TeamSpeak
artsdsp rythmbox

Anything that uses audio in wine or any linux programs that use oss audio need to use either aoss or arts if you want to run more than one program with audio output at a time.



Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

GeekTravels said...

I got the upgrade bug again and tried to install STO, and did get Team Fortress installed, I also installed the new Google Chrome, Namoroka, and Shredder and am has current as Hardy. I'll be writing about that soon, been real busy, but thanks for the positive comments, I'll try to write more soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey all :)

Which are the top and also most played mmo and also role play game games of the year of 2010 and may be played for 2011?
If it is possible inform me how many players play in mmorpg's also in case of rpg's tell methe system spec and several website where there is ranks of those games may be specified(same goes for mmorpg to).

Many thanks !

GeekTravels said...

I use to check rankings of MMO's. In general I think the MMO creators keep subscription numbers pretty close to their chest. The mmorpg site is pretty good though for seeing what's hot at the momment and what's not. Myself, I've been off of the MMO bandwagon for awhile as WOW pretty much killed all the innovation in new MMO's, anything new has been a rehash of past MMO's. The only thing I saw that I really liked in the recent past was the game APB - All Points Bulletin. It was awesome, but the publisher of the game went down in bankruptcy only 3 months after release in one of the biggest smoking craters in MMO history. APB was later purchased by GamersFirst and is in closed beta. We'll see what the new version looks like when it comes out. I also liked Savage 2, I haven't played it much, but it runs on Linux and I'm also on a not on Windows if I don't have to kick. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

I love this game :)