Monday, November 12, 2007

Team Fortress 2, Good FPS Fun

In my off time, I enjoy playing a game or two. Single players are OK, but when it comes to pure gaming satisfaction, multi-player games are the stuff. When you play against a computer there is always some pattern, that when figured out, enables easy wins. When playing against a human opponent, you never know what they'll do. It makes for a richer gaming experience, In my opinion, and there is a small visceral satisfaction in knowing there's someone on the other end of that missile you just fired going, "Dammit, he just shot me!".

I've been a big fan of the EA Battlefield series for some time and have been liking Battlefield 2142, but just found a new FPS (First Person Shooter) that has great gameplay, an abundance of servers and terrific player vs. player action. It's one of the only video games that plays just like it's trailers. With alot of games you watch the trailers get excited about it, then the game itself comes nowhere close to the hype of the trailer. With Team Fortress 2, the games plays like the trailer. You don't just blow people up, you blow the hell out of them. When using a flamethrower you don't just set people on fire, you burn them down!

I'm including a couple screenshots from some recent gameplay and be sure to check out the site at The Orange Box Site

These are shots of a couple of guys that got their just rewards after filling me full of lead. The game gives you the opportunity to take a screen shot of the avatar of the person that just killed you. Here are a couple

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