Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New I-Phone? I think not.

I've been a big Treo fan for years. I've still got my Treo 700p (The P is for the Palm Version). I've really loved this phone and Palm-OS has been good to me over the years.

Unfortunately all that has changed. You can no longer get support from Palm on their Palm phones. You have to go to the cell phone provider to get support on your Palm-OS. Problem is support for the phone consists of, "Well send you a replacement unit" Anyway I digress.

Needless to say, I am now searching for a new platform. I've been eying the I-Phone, but from what I've read, it's very sexy, but get under the hood and it blows up. Recent reports of installing software to allow use of the phone with other service providers causing the phones not to work and the support of only one phone service provider are leaving me cold on this one.

I'm actually quite interested in the new Linux phone initially there will be only one manufacturer, but I'm all about Open environments. I'm kind of concerned about the lack of applications for the phone, but with the Open Development environment, if I like I can port my favorite Linux applications right on to my phone. Try that I-Phone users!!

I've always been a big fan of Apple because they are not Microsoft and they don't seem to be quite as involved in predatory business practices as MS appears to be in, they always seem to be more expensive and sometimes have a more closed environment than MS though. Also their move to BSD Based Unix on their OS X, was brilliant IMO.

The high initial price of the I-Phone and the closed environment of the operating system are motivating me to look for something better. The new Linux phone won't be out until later this fall, and I'll probably wait a bit after that before I check one out to make sure it's had some air time and major problems fixed. Guess I'll stick with my teh suck 700p for a little while longer.

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