Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Airline Passenger Bill of Rights .. Take out passenger and you got it right.

It's sad that it's come to this. Most of the airlines are so lacking in customer service it's amazing they are still in business. Oh yeah I almost forgot, they provide bad customer service, people stop flying them, then they ask the government (meaning us taxpayers) to bail them out.

I was in Phoenix recently and I saw a lady go up to the ticket counter and the agent said "Hello How are you today?" The lady responded "Not to well, I haven't been treated very nicely by your fellow employess". Now the woman was not belligerent, she was not agro in any way. Rather her tone was very conciliatory and rather downtrodden. The agent however that it was necessary, in front of me, to take the lady aside, and start wagging his finger in her face and tell her that "If she didn't shape up her attitude that she wasn't going to get on the plane"

I see things like this happen alot. Airline employees seem to have free reign to treat the customers any way they like and any time anyone complains or has an issue with the service passengers are threatened with not being able to get to their destinations. These days I just suck it up, try to keep my head down and not be noticed. I don't want to miss a business engagement because some Airline ticket agent is having a bad day, or they don't like the look of me or my attitude.

Anyway the Airline Passenger Bill of Rights had all the bite removed from it and is now a watered down version of the original that removes any real protection to us consumers, gives the Airlines lots of leeway, and really doesn't address the problems experienced by travelers. I'm sure the Airlines are breathing a sigh of relief, us passengers are left wondering why our elected representatives don't really represent us at all.

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