Saturday, February 17, 2007

Travel Tip #101 - Get a room that is empty

On a recent trip to Texas, I got in rather late, or really early, however you want to look at it. I do the credit card/ID dance with the front desk person and stumble blearily to my room.

I take the room key from my pocket and slide it in the door, hear the click of the latch, open the door and see a guy standing there in is BVD's, who says "Hey I'm in here".

Being now fully awake, I make my way back to the front desk and ask the person there if "I can please have a room that does not already have someone in it".

I suppose that if it were a couple of Swedish bikini models in the room I might have thought "Man this new hotel points program is great".

But as it was, I should have asked for my room, without guest. So remember road warriors, your travel tip for the day is, when you check in, make sure you ask for the un-occupied room option. Unless of course you'd like to redeem some of your points..

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