Friday, April 9, 2010

Star Trek Online, How to NOT get it working in Linux (Ubuntu)

Well, I wanted to make a short post as I thought I had it working using the method below. When the screen came up to the initial game after I installed, logged in, updated, etc. The Video was scrambled.

Since then I have been hopelessly lost down a road of re-installs and Wine Internet Explorer madness. I won't bore you with details, but just wanted to follow up to my last article and let anyone know that, the guy in the Video made it look, Sooooo.... Easy, nothing about the extra bits and bobs that you might need or that he was using, anyway, suffice to say, I'm still dual booting to get my Kling-On, but I did manage to get Team Fortress 2 working on Ubuntu, but that's another story, I'm going to hit the waves for a bit while I wait for the Excel, Visual Basic, ODBC Macro monstrosity I have written is finished before it's off to the world of Cut, Paste and Glue!

I also saw someone comment about how my later articles were better than my earlier ones, and you know, it's because I'm better too, but that's REALLY, another story, until then Geek on, and I'll see you in space you squishy Federation types :p

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