Friday, April 6, 2007

Star Trek vs. Star Wars

I was making the previous post and looking at the picture in the About me section and thought I should make clear my stand on the Star Trek vs. Star Wars.

First I love the Star Wars franchise, great effects, one of the best space movies ever IMO, good on ya, George Lucas. But to be honest, Star Wars is mere eye candy compared to Star Trek. I'm not talking about the new Star Trek, with prissy, Jean Luc, or the manly Captain Janeway, I'm talking about the F* the prime directive, give me some Romulan Ale, and bring on the green girls Captain Kirk.

The special effects are cheesy by todays standards, the costumes are a laugh, but the main point was the story. It was about the interaction of the characters and the choices they made. It was about alot of things, but it was a story of what happens to a group of people who got on a big ship to go out into the universe to "check it out".

I think the newer Star Treks are somewhat formula-ized versions of other television dramas, but the original, that was breaking new television ground, it was innovative and fresh.

So just to be clear, my vote, Star Trek, Original FTW.

You know what to do dog!


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