Thursday, April 5, 2007

Microsoft, Deceptive? Say it aint so! *smirk*

I just read this article titled:

Microsoft Sued Over Deceptive 'Vista-Capable' Sticker

Microsoft, Deceptive? Go figure. When are you people going to wake up.

So here is this company. They screw you around for years, forcing you to spend lot's of time and money to upgrade, patch for virus', recover from system crashes, the list goes on, but instead of looking at an alternative, like a Mac, or Linux, you still give the company your money, you still use their product because you are too F*ing lazy to seek an alternative, then you sue them for doing what they have a long history of doing. Not to mention the fact that they have some of the deepest corporate pockets in the world and an army of lawyers that take on countries on a regular basis.

I just installed a new Server. It does e-mail via the postfix server and courier IMAP, it serves up the family website, and the website for my consulting engagements. It also server as the print and file server for the other computers in the house. It does all of this with a decrepit 350mhz, pentium 2, 256mb of RAM and a 4gb hard disk. If you want the new Vista in the recommended configuration, you'll need 100 times the processing power, 8 times the RAM and twice the hard drive space. This, my friends, is the beauty of Linux. All the taste of Windows, but half the bloat.

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