Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Worlds on Fire How about yours?

That's the way I like it and I'll never get bored. Words from a slightly overplayed song a few years ago, but truer words were never spoken. With everything going on, good and bad, and the challenges we face and rewards we are reaping, it's a very exciting time. In my personal life there is much to talk talk about, and soon there will be much to show. I've been working on several artistic pursuits including, some musical, some visual and some technology. For you my faithful readers, I will soon be posting more how-to's and technology information and opinions, as it's my bread and butter. This post will be a bit of a digression from that, as I feel there are important topics at hand that need to be considered by all in this country.

 I recently watched Rumble 2012 with John Steward and Bill O'Reilly. I understand that both of these men are performers, and there was most likely a, not un-substantial, amount of money paid to each of them from appearing. There were a couple of big take-aways from that video. Opinions, if you will, but ones that I share.  They are:
  1. This nations problems are complex
  2. There is a lot of "fear mongering" going on as it relates to said problems.
  3. Simple answers are being offered as solutions to these complex problems.
The above would say that, as John Steward put "Our problem solving mechanism is broken".   We are asking the wrong questions.  It's not whether or not Democrat is better than republican.  The question we should be asking ourselves, is how do we fundamentally change our government so that it represents the 99%, not the 1%.

Let's look at the recent "real" debate of the issues between Mitt Romney and President Obama.  Mitt Romney was declared the winner by using a debate tactic known as the "Gish Gallop".  The tactic is that you spew so much BS at your opponent, so fast, and so furiously that there just isn't any sane response that doesn't make you look aggressive and/or contradictory.

Mitt Romney was declared the winner of that debate by using an underhanded debate tactic.  If we choose our leader based on theatrical performance, rather than facts and information, we are in sad shape indeed.  This election is our opportunity, in the US, to make a statement that we are concerned about real issues and not overblown hype and theatrics.  We don't have a good track record on this one, but maybe the tide is changing.  I have to agree with John Stewart's comments about this generation, that there has never been a better prepared generation to face the challenges that lay ahead.  We as the older generation need to remember, we just rent this place from our children.  Let's leave it at least as livable as we found it.

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