Monday, March 12, 2007

Free Custom Treo 700p Ringtones

So I've had this phone for almost a year now and I finally got tired of reaching for my phone every time somebody else who has the same phone gets a call while they are standing in my proximity. So I finally broke down and tried to get my own custom ringtones on the Treo 700p. I specifically wanted the Timmy! ringtone from Comedy Central after seeing it during the Daily Show (John Stewart Rocks!).

When I went to, the first thing it tried to do was play a bunch of flash, on a mobile phone? Come Comedy Central... I guess the jokes on me eh?

I finally break out my laptop to bring up the site, after finding that it didn't work on my mobile phone. I had the option to listen in a flash file, or to buy the ringtone.

Ummm.... Riiiiiiigggghhht.... So I do a bit more looking, and I can get MP3 ringtones on my phone, but I have to buy a 25$ program to be able to use these files as ringtones.

Bzzzznnnnntttt..... On to more fruitful pursuits. After much googling about I found that the following works for putting custom ringtones on your phone.

1. Take a PCM wave file or files, of 195k in size or less and e-mail it to yourself.

2. Then using your mail program download the attachment and when the attachment shows up in the bottom of your message, tap and hold the icon on the right of the filename. When the menu comes up tap "select viewer", then pick "voice memo"
3. After you have selected the viewer all you should have to do is click on each wav file, then click "View"
4. Answer yes to transfer it to Voice Memo, then when Voice Memo appears, press the menu button and select "Copy to Ringtone"

Your Wave file should now be available as a Ringtone along with the stock Treo Ringtones.

This will allow you to create your own ringtones from sound files and play them on your phone.

As a note:
You'll have to convert your wav file to a lower bitrate, mono, lower sample rate, etc to get a good length tone. The Treo also chops off WAV ringtones at the 195k mark. Also as a last bit of advice. Don't make the sound file longer than 20 seconds, as it will cause problems with going over to voicemail.



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